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When buying a home/second property/Commercial Property

Design Services in CorkWhen buying a home it can be both the best and most stressful experience of your life. The biggest worries would be, will I get the right house at the right price? Consider hiring a professional.

This will highlight any issues you may not have been aware of when you made your offer, and lead to you moving on or even getting a better price.

The survey may reveal that the roof needs to be completely replaced, or chimney needs to be relined.

Your house will ensure that all of your interests are protected. All of our surveys, we examine every aspect of the property. We meet with you to discuss our surveys. We address all your questions and make recommendations on what you can do.

Property Inspection Report
Our property inspection report is all inclusive. The industry sometimes attempts to be evasive, by appropriating different names to different reports, for example a structural report, a snag list. This suggests that one report does not cover another report, in an attempt to avoid responsibility.

Our reports include,  detailed list of building faults and list of snags, a schedule of works needed on the property and an estimation of some costs involved.

Building Report also known as Structural Report
Our inspection and report outlining any structural defects in the existing property
The main elements include:
– Subsidence of house
– Settlement of same
– Wall & floor cracks
– Dampness
– Water damage reports
– Fire damage assessment
– Poor workmanship also assessed

Engineer provided and checked Snag List 
A snag list is a report outlining any incomplete jobs in a new house or apartment that should be rectified before the sale closes. Examples of item for snag lists include:

–          cracks in ceilings or walls
–          skirting boards not correctly placed
–          doors that don’t open and close correctly
–          uneven plasterwork
–          broken light switches
–          loose wiring
–          leaking pipes

We can also complete a final inspection to ensure that the snag list has been completed.

We can also supply valuation report which are ideal for a mortgage companies or financial institutions in Ireland.

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