Property Snag Lists
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Building and Property Snag List

A snag list is a list of construction and finishing details that require attention in order for works to be accepted as complete. Prior to accepting any building as finished or complete, it is recommended that the works are snagged.

We undertake detailed snag lists as requested by clients. We detail all unfinished works on a room by room basis. The list also includes external works that may be required as requested.

Property Buyerss & Pre purchase survey reports include:


  • Subsidence | Settlement of Property
  • Wall and floor cracking or bulging
  • Dampness checks
  • Water damage and control
  • Poor workmanship by builders
  • Pre-Purchase
  • Signs of damage to timbers dry and wet rot etc
  • Fire proofing and fire certification
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Urgent issues that need examination.
  • Visible issues with electrical or heating installation
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