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What are the Benefits of a Engineer Report

There are a few reasons why you should get a house survey before buying a property

Benefits House Engineers Report

To know in advance what the problems i.e. roof damage or chimney repair. You will be able to negotiate a better price, use the information to try and negotiate a lower price for the house. so that you won’t have to pay to repair some of the problems, e.g. roof repairs, chimney rebuild, and you will know approximately what these problems will cost you to fix.

Receive specialist advice from a dedicated house survey expert and fully certified engineer. any major problems and how they will affect the house over time, and its re-sale value.

Be able for preventative measures should a problem arising in the event of a re-sale, re-mortgage or property transfer.

It’s simple the Benefits of a House are far greater that the cost of a report.

Based in Cork we are ideally located to provide house survey’s in Cork City and County.

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